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Gurumustuk Singh - A special post for a special person

This post is not like any other post. It's a special post, if not for all but for me.
Indirectly this person has helped me in putting up this blog; just like Ravi Singh helped me. I hadn't revealed it in the post relating to Ravi Singh but I will tell you after this post.

But before that let me tell you about Gurumustuk Singh -An American born - Indian educated - American working - Gora Sikh. Huh! What a long description.
Let's get serious and start working for what I opened up my dashboard today.

On 24th March, 1975 Gurumustuk Singh was born to S.S. Sat Kirin Kaur Khalsa and Govinda Singh Khalsa. Both of his parents were not born Sikhs but they had willingly decided to live the Sikhi way. His father was brought up in a Christan family and mother in a Jewish family. They came to know about Sikhism after studying Kundali Yoga & Meditation from Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi Ji.

Gurumustuk Singh was sent to India

when he was 7 years of age to get education at Guru Nanak Fifth Centenary School, Mussorie and then at Guru Ram Das Academy, Dehradun. He was not alone but one out of 120 Sikh students that came from America to study there.
He was taught the values of Sikhism right from his childhood by his parents and the school where he got education is also a Sikh academy that moulds children to adapt Sikhism and teaches them the true way of living. Writing about his life he writes, from the very childhood he used to give dasvand ( giving away 1/10 ) of his day to the Guru.

As his parents came to know about Sikhism from Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi ji so he too was sent to hear his lectures and attend his classes by his parents. He writes that during his teenage when he returned back to America. It was after completing his education of 11 years in India. He says he was struggling hard to find his identity. Why he is a Sikh? He started getting deviated from the true path, he started drinking, smoking and even shaving his beard. He was getting lost in the world without working on the right path. Then again Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh came to his rescue. Directed him, provoked him and even confronted him and gave him a direction to live.

Gurumustuk Singh had already learnt about internet during his education and when he was re-directed to live on the way of true path by Harbhajan Singh Yogi Ji he started sikhnet in 1995. Later that year Harbhajan Singh Yogi Ji went to New York, where Gurumustuk Singh was living. Then Harbhajan Singh Ji directed him to move to Espanola, New Mexico to work at the Sikh Computer Consulting Company, Sun & Son. There Gurumustuk Singh learnt a lot more and finally was able to design, develop and maintain biggest Sikh website on the internet, It's a wonderful site and is a must visit for those who want to know Sikhism, its history and its principles. Mind it, it's my favorite site.

Today Gurumustuk Sing feels proud of what he is. He feels proud to be born as a Sikh and he feels immense happiness while describing the way he was brought up.
He admits to the fact that its hard to grow up in the west as a Sikh. You are always getting a lot of attention from others and always remain in the spotlight. He writes one of the greatest truth about Sikhism, "you have to have an experience of being a Sikh to value it." He has worked extremely hard to bring out Sikhnet the way it is. It's a humble request from me, if you or any of your friends want to know about Sikhism, do visit Sikhnet. You will find a lot over there.

He feels himself to be a 'lucky' one to live his life the Sikh way. He gives all the credit for his pure life to Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Yogi Ji. This is what Sikhs are born for. To live life the true way, respecting the Guru who makes you meet with the God, The True Lord, The Creator.

I cannot explain the good Gurumustuk Singh is doing to the community. The Youth section on his website is a great help to the Sikh youth. He has also put up a lot of videos on youtube, some of them I have also put on this blog along with appropriate posts.

Here's a video featuring Gurumustuk Singh filmed by the channel M about Sikhnet.

Don't forget to leave your comments regarding the video and of course the post too.

At the end a happy family......
May Waheguru empower the family to work continuously for the Sikhs and Sikhism.

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