Thursday, January 1, 2009

Monty Panersar

He received Beard of The Year Award 2006. He is the first English Cricketer to have a five wicket haul in Perth. He has proved the mettle of Sikhs again. He is Monty Panesar ( born Madhusudan Singh Panesar ) .

Born in 1982 in Luton, England he has made a permanent place in the International Cricket Team of England. He's one of the best spin bowler ever produced by England. He's born to Indian parents but that doesn't matter much here, what matters is he's he first ever Sikh to represent cricket team ( or part of a cricket team) other than India. He's loved by all cricket fans. He's loved even by those who are not cricket fans but like him as a sportsman with a astonishing hair style.

I have talked about him to my English friends and they say some of their neighbors even find his hair style to be more impressive than that of the David Becham. I have the list of all those who were nominated in 2006 for the Beard of the year award.

  1. Bill Bryson , author
  2. Fidel Castro, politician
  3. Bill Frindall, broadcaster
  4. George Galloway, politician
  5. Christopher House, journalist
  6. Paul Mackney, trade unionist
  7. Monty Panesar, cricketer
  8. Brain Perkins, broadcaster
  9. Terry Pratchett, author
  10. Tom Robinson, broadcaster
  11. Richard Rowlett, Stilton cheesemaker
  12. Ricky Tomlinston, actor
  13. Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia
  14. Robert Wyatt, musician
  15. Inzmam-ul-haq, cricketer
You can nominate your own man, or choose one from these.

They all have a beard for one or the other reason but Monty has it to keep his identity live, to keep his dignity. His fans love him and they come to see his matches dressed up like him. They even wear (duplicate) beards. Here are the pics.

( Monty's fan dressed up like him with duplicate beards and wearing putkas)

They love him and they say this loud.
When he first came into the International Cricket he struggled with both bat and field but slowly he has gained confidence and now the crowd cheers whenever he plays a stroke and fields the ball.
His parents migrated to England from India. His father is a builder and his family is living in Luton, England. Panesar also has a degree in computer science from the Loghborough University.

He has also authored a book namely 'Monty Panesar Monty's Turn Taking My Chances'
which is available here.

He's got a long list of nick-names but the most popular are:
- The Turbanator
- The Montastic
- The Beard to be Feared

many more are- Sikh of Tweak or The Sheik of Tweak. If you know any more or wanna have your own for him just put them down in the comments I would love to extend the list.

I have very good movie collected by one of his fans.

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