Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fauja Singh -The Marathon Runerrrrrr..


Just look at the stats.

Born: 1 April 1911 in India
Former occupation: Farmer
Running career: Rediscovered at age of 81
Diet: Ginger curry
Marathons: London (5), Toronto (1), New York (1)
Marathon debut: London, 2000 aged 89

This is for all out there who says they are runners. Take the challenge of beating this man. This Sikh from Punjab migrated to Britain when he was 81 years of age. He's the most famous Sikh in England in his 90's. Why? What's so good about him?

Here is the answer-
  • He discovered his running skills at the age of 81, at which most of the people even don't like to walk. He came out on roads to run as he was getting bored while sitting in his son's house.
  • First marathon at the age of 89, I can see your eyes getting wide open.
  • Next year he made a world record for the age of 90 years old's.
  • The most important is- he's getting faster and faster as he's getting older.
  • Adidas has signed him ( along with David Beckham ) and his posters are seen everywhere in London to promote a campaign called "Impossible Is Nothing". ( in 2004)
I think you would like to see the poster that was talk of the town in 2004. I have put it here for you.

( This is the Adidas poster . Note down the timing
6 hr 54 min at the age of 89 and 5 hr 40 min at age of 92, improving...)

I think it's time to check what's in his food plate. So when asked he says, "I'm very careful about foods. I only take chapati, pulses, lots of water and tea with ginger and loads of green vegetables. I'm a pure vegetarian." He also says, "people in Britain, mostly elder, eat a rich diet, walk very less, move only in cars and get sick." He says it's the Waheguru's name that I chant and keep on chanting while running that makes me run 26 miles everyday at the age of 97.

This year after completing the marathon he's going to be the eldest person to ever run on the face of earth. As it's already December 30 I mean to say London Marathon 2009. He says, " I may retire after this. But it's not sure."

He's been honored where ever he goes, I managed to get a copy of one of his such pics.

Fauja Singh's further plans are to educate the people about his religion Sikhism, while running he says it's my religion that has made me to gather up the strength and a firm determination.

Hey do you know punjabi?
If you know, then click here to see couple of his interviews and see him running.

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Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Bhai Fauja Singh is my personal hero. His success motivates me not to give into aging or physical problems, but to keep striving.

Sandhu Singh Navjeet said...

@ sukhmandir kaur

yeah..he's a motivator for many. That's why Adidas opted to sign him for the "Impossible is Nothing" campaign.

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