Friday, December 26, 2008

Election mall

( Hillary Clinton and Ravi Singh)

Here's an extract from his book Leadership by Turban.
Sometimes, I wonder if I started my own business because it was easier than getting hired with a turban. Whatever the reason, when the dot com boom hit like a tidal wave, I decided to get my feet wet. My first thought was to start selling turbans on the Internet -since you can't find them in the stores. Instead, I started a small internet advertising marketing company called Inc. This forced me to draw on all the leadership skills I'd ever learned, from every fact of my life. And when I didn't know something. I learned it as quickly as possible. Later, I launched, which provided e-campaigning services. By September 2000, the Republican National Committee was a client and we were sending emails for George W.Bush.

So you must have got the words that made him really an exceptional person in all that political field of whom he was just a simple part before the launch of the revolutionary "" . Hey! if you want to read out the complete book where he tell his story and the story that can also make you do something to be a successful. Then you can either download it free or buy it, Ravi gives the book for free too but he encourages you to buy it because a part of it goes for a fund raiser for the children of Balbir Singh -the first Sikh killed as a result of post 9/11 misunderstanding of the Sikh people as Muslims. So you decide whether you want to get it for free for your personal good or you want to buy it so that you can help others too. Wish is yours but here are the too links. Download it free of cost from here or buy it from the official site. Whatever you decide but visiting Ravi's siteis really worth doing. I think I have forgotten to show you his Sikh photo, I'm not the only one who has seen his Sikh part, but he's known for his this aspect.

Not only me but I think we all should salute his parents who made him one who took the challenge of making the people of America know what Sikhs are and how good and how successful they can be. He has made the path easier for thousands to follow and he has set an example by keeping his turban intact even in the toughest periods like 9/11, Gulf War, 1984 -the black year and many more. He also needs to be congratulated for keeping his identity alive in a country where the fashion and modernism leads to the killing of all cultures and traditions, only thing that lives is the modernism and fashion. I salute his parents. Here's their photograph.

They must be proud of their son.

Wouldn't you like to listen Ravi Singh. What are you waiting for, just click the play button.

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