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Ravi Singh E-Campaign Revolutionary



Brought up in America with a turban over his head, something very unusual to be seen in America but he did it. He says, "Initially my turban was given to me but then I had to defend it." I have decided to put him here because he's not only a successful person or a Sikh or I should say, because he's a successful Sikh but because he is proud to be a Sikh, he feels proud to defend his turban and he says he has created history and is still creating one because he's a Sikh. Isn't it Mr. Ravi Singh ?
He was called names by his school mates because he was different from them, he never liked it but he kept the love for his turban more in his heart than the names he was called because of it. I think it's enough of the introduction now let's set to read about him, little about his life, his story, story of a successful Sikh in the land of whites.
At the age of 14 he was sent to the Catholic military academy. He liked it but literally he was not liked by the people over there. Not only the academy was new for him but even he was new for the academy, he was something the academy personnel had never happened to see before - A boy in the Catholic military academy with a turban over his head.
He writes in his book, "From my first day at the Marmion Military Academy, I had doubts about whether or not I could make it. I loved my academy. I loved my country. But I also loved my turban. Shortly after I arrived, the headmaster called me into his office for a serious talk. He told me that the military had decided my turban was not compliant with the safety and health regulations of the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. My parents were devastated. They could not understand why my headmaster would make such an example of an American-born boy like me...It was not until I spoke to my grandfather that I realized how important it was for me to stay. He told me, "If you don't fight this, then no one else will. You need to set the example, since you are the first."." I suppose this made Ravi to be there and take the challenges of the academy and do better than others and to do more than what was expected from his because he wanted to prove that the Sikhs who have a tradition of fighting wars, who led the forces with valor and helped the British win the world wars. He had a point to prove that was already proved in other parts of the world but he had to make it in his land, in the land that he was born into as a minority. He adds that the academy that was initially not ready to accept my turban taught me that only way for him to live is to live by embracing his turban.
His life has not been that easy, the names that he used to ignore during his childhood were just the beginning, a lot more was still to come. The tough period was ahead. He admits openly that whenever there was a threat to the America or the American people from anywhere else in the world he was seen as a part of those who had sent the threat, as a one who was not American but someone who was living in America just to make others not live there. He was called a terrorist, he received death warnings and people didn't even hesitate from calling him an Iraqi during the Persian Gulf War. The racist factor that he faced was that big that at one of the instanced his entire team was not even allowed to play a Golf tournament because he -a boy with a turban over hie head, was in the team. Oh! in all this did I mention anything pertinent to his being successful, I said it in the very first line but never related the word after that because the struggle he had gone through needed much attention. After all there must be something that enabled him to get to such a position to get this photo.

(Ravi Singh and Mr. Bush )
I think you all would like to read it further, the real thing that he made for himself, that was his own and that was with none other American except this Sikh and it made him to cross everybody his way and made the highest posts of the nation to come and ask him to work for them. Let's find out what was it?

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