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Everybody want lyrics. (Challa & Pagrhi Sambhal)

I know it's just useless to hear a song unless you are not able to get the lyrics and are not able to understand them. To facilitate listening Rabbi I personally think my blog should help you all to get to the meaning of his songs more easily and properly so I decided to put the lyrics of his songs over here.

So what are you waiting, just scroll down and keep on checking the lyrics of whichever song you want. Here is the first one- Challa.



Chhalla vas nahi oo mere (The ring it listens to no one)

Chhalla vas meri maan de ( The ring it listens only to my mom) Ghallegi tan jange (It will leave only if she tell it to)

Ve gall sun chhallia (Listen my love)

Khaure keeta kis is ‘te toona (Don’t know who’s done this voodoo)

Chhalla aa pia khuh ‘te (The ring it lies on the well)

Gallan karie munh ‘te (Let’s talk face to face)

Ve gall sun chhallia (Listen my love)

Sanu vekhan nu tera ji ni karda (Don’t you wanna see me sometime)

Tainu vekhe bina mera ni sarda (It’s hard for me not to see you )

Chhalla bambi da paani (The ring a borewell’s water)

Kithhey veh gaye ne jaani ( Where has my love drifted to)

Asan khabar ko na jaani (I have no news)

Ve gall sun chhallia (Listen my love)

Teri beri ik uggia ey kanda (On your berry has grown a thorn)

Chhalla ambian kachian (The ring unripe mangoes)

Mattan de koi sachian (Someone give me sage advices)

Laiey lekhe jo bachian (Let’s commit to contemplation )

Terian merian gharian (What’s left of time yours and mine )

Ve gall sun chhallia (Listen my love)

Langh javan ain na umran khaali (Or our lives will go waste )

Chhalla gut ik lammi (The ring a long braid)

Asan supne chummi (I kissed it in my dream)

Hoi neeyat si anni (The desire had gone blind)

Asan dil di si manni (But I listened to my heart)

Ve gall sun chhallia (Listen my love)

Hun de lai jehrhi deni ey sazaa (Now punish me as you will)

Chhalla boharh ik ‘kalla (The ring a lone banyan)

Unhe farhia ey palla (He holds on to the)

Thalle dharat utte Allah (Earth below and God above)

Ve gall sun chhallia (Listen my love)

Khaure jandian kinni dunghian jarhan (How far run his roots)

Es gall da os khud nu nahi pata (He knows not himself)

Coming to the next one.

Pagrhi Sambhal Jatta


Ghazni Tughlaq Aibaq Ghauri ( Ghazni Tughlaq Aibaq Ghauri)

Pehla duja Khilji Lodhi (The first & the second Khilji, Lodhi)

Taimur ‘te Babar ( Taimur and Babar)

Jagannath Somnath Ajudhia (Jagannath Somnath Ayodhya)

Banaras Kannauj ‘te Mathura (Benaras Kannauj & Mathura)

Bolia si fir Nanak ( And thus spake Nanak)

“Aiti mar pai karlaney (“Badly mauled they cry)

Taenki darad(u) na aia” rabba (You still do not feel any mercy” O! God!)

Uthh kharha hun tagrha ho ja ( Stand up and be strong)

Bina Guru ko na vali jatt (No one but the Guru is your master peasant)

Kasna paina tainu lakk aapna (You’ll have to buckle yourself up )

Lanbhion aa ke kisey nahion sambhnan (No stranger is coming to your rescue)

Pagrhi sambhal jatta (Respect the turban peasant)

Pagrhi sambhal oye (Respect the turban)

Pagrhi sambhal (Respect the turban)

Lehna pothi miri-piri (Lehna, the book, the two powers)

Nauven guru di shahidi (Martyrdom of the ninth Guru)

Amrit chali muktey Auranga (Baptism, the Liberated 40, Auranga)

Bala Mardana ‘te Baba Budhha (Bala Mardana & Baba Budhha)

Bidhichand Matidas Satidas (Bidhichand Matidas Satidas)

(Mai) Bhago ‘te Banda ( (Mother) Bhago & Banda (Bahadur))

“Jau tau prem khelan ka chau (“If you wanna play the game of love)

Sir dhar tali gali meri aau ( First put your head on your palm)

It marag paer dharijaey (If you set foot on this path)

Sir deejai kaan na keejay” ( Don’t evade self sacrifice”)

Asan keeta jo aakhia si guru (We did what the Guru asked)

Par ajj kittey phassiay jo kadey hoia si shuru ( But it’s stuck what was once started)

Sirhind Budhha Taruna Dal Mani Singh Bota Singh (Sirhind, the old & new guard, Mani Singh, Bota Singh)

Deep Singh Massa Rangarh Nadirshah Bhai Taru (Deep Singh, Massa Rangarh, Nadirshah, Bhai Taru)

Mir Mannu barha maaru ( Mir Mannu is ruthless)

Shahbaz Singh Subeg Singh Haqiqat Rai Ahmed Shah ( Shahbaz Singh Subeg Singh Haqiqat Rai Ahmed Shah)

Hathhu Bagarh Singh Thomson Jassa Singh ( Hathu (&) Bagarh Singh (George) Thomas Jassa Singh)

Ghallugharey (The Holocausts)

Eh mukde nahi ne marey (Killing alone doesn’t finish them)

Ranjit Singh Aala Singh gorey (Ranjit Singh, Aala Singh, The British)

Hari singh Phula Singh Dogrey (Hari Singh (Nalva), (Akali) Phula Singh)

Attak di jit Gujarat di haar ( The victory at Attock, the defeat in Gujarat (city))

Kehrha zimmevar ( Who’s responsible)

Tere hath ki aaya jatta (What did you lay your hands on peasant)

Tavarikhan da ghatta (The dust of history)

Be-ittefaqian de turhi (The chaff of disunity)

Aa vekh uddadi pai u (See how it flies)

For those who don't know to whom these songs belong click here.

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