Thursday, December 25, 2008


You have come here to know the answer to- "Who is Bilqis Yakoob Rasool" the name that appears in the first sentence of Rabbi's song Bilqis. Everybody want to know who is this and why is there?
After a little search I got to know who she is and then I even realized the song to be more meaningful. I think you too will find it more meaningful once you read about Bilqis. So, to facilitate you I have put up Bilqis's story here.

Bilqis Yakoob Rasool is a victim of Gujarat Riots that broke out in 2002. Bilqis is a victim of gang-rape who lost her 14 family members.She herself said, "They started molesting the girls and tore off their clothes. Our naked girls were raped in front of the crowd. They killed Shamin's baby who was just two days old. They killed my maternal uncle and my father's sister and her husband too. After raping the women they killed all of them. Thy killed my baby too. They threw her in the air and she hit a rock. After raping me, one of the men kept foot on my neck and hit me." There are many other women who have the same story to narrate and the Bilquis in Rabbi's song represents all of them. Satyendra Dubey was also a victim of these riots and he got killed, I tried to find out about him too but didn't get it until the time I wrote this post. If you have any infromation regarding him please share it with me in the form of comments. As far as Bilquis and others are concerned you can check the complete report that was published after nearly three years of the riots overhere.

Watch Rabbi Shergill's personal message to the first global Sikh Civil Right Conference.

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