Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thanks for the below comment

the guru granth sahib says only fools argue of whether eating meat is good or bad, something you are all doing right now. Who is to say whats right or wrong. You could argue being vegitarian is wrong.. The most important thing is truthful living and spiritual enlightment. Sikhism has been very misunderstood. The gurus taught us not to follow rituals, idol worship and superstitions. but to meditate on gods name. through that your spiritual awareness will develope and you yourself will follow your own rules to help you reach god. Each persons will find god in their own ways..That is truthful living. Not arguing about whether to eat meat or not

I found this as one of the comments to one of my posts on the blog. The person has not mentioned his/her name (or blog). So couldn't reach out to him/her for saying and instead restoring to this way of 'Publicly' declaring my 'Thanks' to him/her.

The above reason is one of many reasons I left writing and posting on this blog for the past few years. Though, better understanding in these years and with some changed circumstances has given me refined reasons to come back to this blog, which was kind of deserted for long.

One mus be clear with the objectives, so cutting long stroy short my earlier objective was -
Spreading knowledge  but now it's beeen changed to
Giving out pointers to those who are in search

I've minimized the meaning, just like simply putting the name of a novel instead of reading out it completely :)

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