Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Is culture a Sikh Issue??

Well I would like to write this item in parts :

Beginning with the basics first.
What's culture?
The way a life is lived becomes the 'culture' of that very life.
A handful of people living together at a place happen to live their life's most of the occasions and happen to do most of the public, social and personal events in a 'certain way' and this 'certain way' comes to be known as culture of the place. I don't find anything wrong with this part. IF you got any different version I'll be happy to hear it.
The culture changes, it changes often. It's not human nature but an act of human behavior vides which human nature is given a form to express itself. Hence, it's bound to change. But how often??
A very volatile question probably the answer to this one if understood clearly will annihilate generation wars. But as generation wars have not been terminated yet, so it signifies - meaning is not understood. I'll try to put it in simpler words (9/24/13)
Rest In tomorrow's edit :) 

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