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One million Chaupai Sahib till June 09

What is it all about? Following is the information that the site gives.

In a nutshell:

For the goodwill of the martyrs of 1984 and victims of the post 1984 riots a initiative has been taken up to complete ONE MILLION Chaupai Sahib paths till June 2009. So all are requested to play their part. You can submit your numbers here.

Read in detail.


The Khalsa is the army of Vaheguru himself, and the Khalsa Saint-Soldiers were created to defend the innocent and weak against tyranny and oppression. The Khalsa was formed to be a force which could always be relied upon for help, people that would never turn anybody away, a house that was always open to the homeless and the wounded

However, today it seems we have lost our way and rather than helping others, we find ourselves knocking at different doors asking for justice and protection. This is a small attempt to remind us that the only door we need to knock at, is that of the Guru.

sgl duAwr kau Cwif kY gihE quhwro duAwr ]

Sagal duar kau chhad(i) kai, gaiho tuharo duar.

I have abandoned all doors (shelters) and I have come to your door, My Lord.

bWih gey kI lwj As goibMd dws quhwr ]

Banhe gahe ki laj as, Gobind das tuhar

O God (Gobind), kindly protect my honour and grasp my arm, I am Your humble servant.

The aim is to collectively complete 1,000,000 Chaupai Sahib paath’s in memory of the victims of the 1984 genocide, to pray for justice, and for the chardi khala of the Panth. This is our chance to unite across the globe, pray together and demonstrate our unity on this issue.

We cannot do this alone, we need our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers from around the world, to join in with us and complete this task. As individuals we can only achieve so much, but with the support of Gurbani and the Sangat, we can attain everything.

So let’s show our conviction and faith in Vaheguru and complete 1,000,000 Chaupai Sahib’s by 4 June 2009.


Many of us will say that we have a passion for justice for the victims of 1984 and that we care about the Panth. However, in practical terms we often feel frustrated at not being able to do much to help. This paath will allow each one of us to make a daily contribution to the betterment of the Panth. We are at a stage where simply attending one day events is not enough, we need to be working daily towards justice and living as true Khalsa’s. If we truly care, then taking out just a few minutes each day is a small contribution to make.


The answer to this question is:

Anyone who feels hurt by the atrocities we have suffered over the last 25 years.
Anyone who wishes to pray for the victims of the 1984 to present, Sikh genocide.
Anyone who feels that that the innocents who suffered at the hands of tyrants deserve justice.
Anyone who feels that they are part of the Sikh Nation and wish for the Nation to flourish.
Anyone who actually wants to make a difference.
So in essence, this should include each and every one of us. It doesn’t matter if you are a Sikh or a non-Sikh, whether you have taken Amrit or not, whether you keep your kesh or not, whether you belong to certain groups or not. This is our chance to gather as a community of human beings and do something together for the betterment of our mothers and fathers who have suffered beyond our worst nightmares.


What we ask is that each of us reads/listens to as many Chaupai Sahib’s as possible with a collective aim to reach the target of 1,000,000. So read/listen to the bani and record how many you have done. Then on a weekly or fortnightly basis update the website so that we can keep a record of how we are doing.

If you cannot read Gurbani then please try and listen to the bani being read. You can download the audio, watch videos with the audio playing and obtain English translations for you to read. We just want as many people contributing as much as they can for the Panth, OUR Panth. If this means that you can manage one Chaupai Sahib a day, then we thank you, as that is one more prayer that had been done for the betterment of OUR Panth.

Each Chaupai Sahib will take no more than 5 minutes. So please, take out this time and do as much as you can.


The primary method of recording the number of paath done will be via this website, and once it opens on January 1st 2009 we ask that you visit the site regularly to submit the number of paaths you (and your family/friends) have done. The information we receive will be treated with full confidentiality.

In the meantime if you wish to register the number of paaths you have done, please send an email to
We humbly ask each of you to take part in this history making event and make a real difference.



So what are you waiting for start playing your part. For details
visit the website.

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