Saturday, February 7, 2009

Amazed by the understanding.

I got the following text written by a Gursikh -I was amazed by his way of interpretation. What's your reaction to it?

These are just my thoughts, so please forgive me if I am incorrect.

We know very well that Sahib Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj Sachay Patshah set an unparallel example in human history by accepting to sit on the hot iron plate (thathee thavee), and had hot sand poured over His head. We also know that by this shaheedi Gurujee taught us to live in bhana, and not use powers. Along with all this, we should also take a look at a little background behind Gurujee's shaheedi. Chandu wanted to take revenge after Gurujee rejected his daughter's rishta with Sahib Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj Sachay Patshah.

This was done because Chandu uttered severely insulting words for Gurughar. The Sikh sangat of Delhi requested Gurujee not to accept any rishta with Chandu. Also, it was Chandu who ordered all the tortures on Gurujee. Now the way I see it, Gurujee accepted shaheedi just to uphold the honor of the bachans of His Sikhs. He suffered that unimaginable torture just for maintaining the dignity of the request of His Sikhs. This makes me think, if my Guru can accept this worst torture just for fulfilling the request of His Sikhs, how can we ever doubt such a Guru while doing Ardas? Wouldn't He listen to our Ardas as well?

Sahib Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaj Sachay Patshah attained shaheedi to save Hinduism. This was another unparallel example in human history, where a "man of God" gave up His life for a faith totally different to His own, and infact even a lot opposite to His own. This makes me think, won't He save me if I follow His Hukam? He made the maximum sacrifice for those who followed a faith that was a totally different one, so if I live by His words, how can I doubt that He will save me?

Sahib-E-Kamaal Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj Sachay Patshah Kalgidhar Shahenshah sacrificed both His parents, all 4 sons, and His dearest Sikhs for people like us. He said "Panth vassay mai ujjarraan mann chaao ghanera", meaning "I sincerely wish that my Panth flourishes even if I have to get ruined". He gave it all up for people like you and me. So how can we ever doubt such a Guru that He won't listen to our Ardas?

Gurujee set an example for us in these 3 ways. There are countless others but my atom sized brain is mentioning only 3 here. He sat on the thathee thavee just to tell us "I do listen to you". He sacrificed Himself for another faith so that we are assured that He can alot more for us if we live by His hukam, so there He tells us "I will listen to you". He sacrificed His entire family, just to tell us "I can give up everyone/everything just for you".

Please forgive me if my words are not making sense. Maybe I've been thinking too much into this.

~ Mehtab Singh (Link)

Do you have such understanding of Guruji's words. If yes, then do mail it to me and get it here.

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