Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Manmohan Singh Scholarship

( This is the college where Manmohan Singh studied)

Manmohan Singh Schoarship is an international award for study at St John's College at the University of Cambridge. It's a PhD standard scholarship for the talented Indian students who want to persue PhD from St John's College, University of Cambridge in subjects like Science and Technology, Economics, Aerospace Engineering, Marine Engineering, Energy Studies and Social Sciences.
( Applications in Aerospace Engineering and Energy Studies will be of particular interest)


  • Applicant should be an Indian national with a valid Indian passport and currently based in India
  • Below 35 years of age as on 31 December of that year.
  • Not already had significant exposure to UK education or received UK government funding.
  • Should hold a Master's Degree from a reputed/recognised Indian university with a First Class award in the relevant subject/field.
  • Evidence of leadership qualities.
  • Keen to pursue and should have identified a full time Doctoral Research degree from the University of Cambridge commencing from the following year
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • Able to fulfill any other admission criteria laid down by the university.


The scholarships are fully funded:

  • Academic fees
  • International airfare
  • Monthly stipened to cover living expenses
  • UK Visa

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MyKitty said...

Wow! A very beautiful college building! It's so nice you study there! :)

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