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Bhagat Bhikhan/Bheekhan Ji

Bhikhan Ji
Year of Birth - 1473 AD
Place of Birth- Pakain, District Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Family - Kaith Family.

The historians say that Bhagat Bhikan Ji got the Almighty's bliss at the small age of
10-11 years when he attended a True Congregation (Sat Sang) in his village which was organized by Mahatma Mandleshwar.

Bhagat Ji was greatly motivated by Sat Sang. So Bhagat ji went to Mahatma Madleshwar and begged him to be his Guru. He wanted Mahatma Ji to be his Guru so that he could get the Almighty's blessings through him. Mahatma Ji agreed to be Bhagat Ji's Guru.

This made Bhagat Ji to do more of meditation and simran. He was feeling joy out of it.

Before I move any further I would like to make clear that as per history, there are two saints by the name of Bhikan. One was a Sufi Muslim and the other was a devout hermit.

Bhagat Bhikan ji whose hymns are included in Guru Granth Sahib Ji was this muslim - Sheikh Bhikhan of Kakori. Most of the information about Bhikan Ji is available from the records of Bandauni, Persian historian. Bandauni has the following account of him.

" Sheikh Bhikhan was the most learned man of his time, abstemious (perhezgar) and well versed in the holy law, while in devout piety, even ABu hanifa, the greatest of the Imanms, wa his inferiors. For many years he was engaged in teaching and instruction the people. He has committed the whole of the glorious word of God to memory, according to each of the seven method of reading it. He used to give instructions thereon. He reckoned his spiritual succession from Mri Saiyid Ibrahmim of Irij, who was himself the most learned of the learned men of this time. The Sheikh would never mention the Sufi mysteries in a public assembly, but only in private to those who who had been initiated into their secretes; and one of his sayings was 'If the mystical profession of the unity of God be made public, it returns solely to him who uttered it, or to the learned few.'

He would not listen to the singing and outwardly re probated it. He left numerous children who attained perfections, all of whom were adorned with the embellishments of rectitude, piety, wisdom, knowledge and virtue.

The compiler of these historical selections was honoured, in company with late Muhammad Husain Khan by being permitted to pay his respects to the Sheikh of Lucknow. It was the month of Ramzan and a certain one brought to the Sheikh a work of logic, asking him to set him a task in the book. The Sheikh said, 'you should read some book on divinity.' The Sheikh's death occurred in A.H.981 (1573-1574 A.D)."

It has been conjectured with some show of probability, that Bhikham was a follower of Kabir. In his two hymns incorporated in
Rag Sorath on page 659 of Guru Granth Sahib he tells us to follow his teachings literally as they are a short-cut to harmony with God and perfect bliss. One should leave everything else to God.

The two hymns of Bhikhan Ji included in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji are:

In the old age are the eyes flowing with water,
the body enfeebled,
The hair turned grey,
The throat choked, uttering not a word
What power has man now? (1)
Divine King, Lord! turn-you his physician now:
Save your devotees (1 Pause)
The forehead with ache is burning,
the heart throbbing with pain :
Such is the torment that knows no remedy.(2)
The Name Divine is holy amrita-Water-
this the whole world's remedy,
Prayeth Bhikhan, servant of God:
By the grace of the Master
The door of liberation may I attain! (3) (1)

The invaluable jewel of the
holy Name in reward for good deeds have I attained.
By innumerable devices in my heart have I lodged it
Yet this jewel concealed may not be. (1)
Beyond expression are merits of the Lord,
As taste of sweets for the dumb. (1 pause)
In the tongue's utterance,
the ears listening to the Name,
The mind's contemplation, lies joy.
Saith Bhikhan : Both my eyes now are content:
Wherever 1 look, Him 1 behold.-(2)-(2) SGGS-659

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what are your sources and references for this article?

Sandhu Singh Navjeet said...

Bhagat Saints of Shri Guru Granth Sahib

written by Shamsher Singh Puri.

The author has written six books regarding the Sikh Dharm and its histroy.

You can get his books on the leading stores of Sikh history book stores.


in my openion bheekhan was a hindu not muslim. bheekhan means a beggar. there is a story told by rajneesh saying that when bheekhan was a young boy he wanted to be divine. he asked around and people told him that God lives in banaras. Bheekhu walked towards banaras on feet and he begged on his way to banaras that is why he is called bheekhan. next bheekhan's baani is collected by guru nanak. that means bheekhan should be of the same age as naank or older because NaNAK MET HIM IN Lukhnow and collected his baani. he did not die in 1574. he must have died earlier. swarn singh bains and by the way
Iwould like to inform you that I have translated Siree Guru Granth Sahib in simple engllish not like many so called scholars in lunday or latin english. It is understood by a normal person. i can send it to you if you wish. s s a swarn singh bains


bhagat bheekhan whose baani is in sri guru granth sahib is a hindu not a muslim. the proof is his writing. it is a hindu writing not a muslim writing. so the first bheekhan is the correct one whose writing appear in the guru granth sahib
as keh bheekan doe nain santokhe jeh dekha teh soi
it is completely hindu writin.


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