Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Story of 'Gora Sikh' blogger.

Recently I came across a very good blog regarding Sikhism by a English Sikh. She is Dana Singh a native of Holland married to a person from Punjab. She writes at many blogs but I particularly liked her
Gora Sikh blog. Her 'Desi Legend is also a beautiful creation.

I know her as a good blogger -I'm not talking in monetary sense but in terms of service to the community. I had got a chance of having a small interview with her via internet and here is what I discovered about her.

1. How do you came to know about Sikhism? Do you follow it and if yes when did you start practicing it?

I discovered Sikhism in 2002, when I came to Ireland. That time I never heard about Sikhism.Here I met my Jaan (husband). He is a Sikh. I consider myself a Sikh. When I heard about the principles of Sikhi, I knew this is a way I want to live my life.

2. Why you choose to adopt Sikhism? If you do so.

Adopt? I'm not full AMRITDHARI but I follow traditions.

3. What made you write about Sikhism? How do you feel writing about Sikhism?

I feel strongly about Sikhism. You (We) have great history and traditions. Sikhi way of life fascinates me and somehow I feel more close to Sikh way of life than any other. I started writing Desi Legend for myself and then after sometime I realised that many people read it as well. My second blog Gora Sikh is more personal. It's about me as a gora sikh, my questions and my findings about Sikhism.

4. You and your husband often visit Punjab (India). What is the main purpose of your visits?
Oh, my Punjab. My second home and my second parents (mother-in-law and father-in-law) is the main reason. Lovely reason- family!

6. Do you read Gurbani (either in Punjabi or English) or are you able to read it?

I do read in English, I wish I could do it in Gurbani. I know four languages but Punjabi is the hardest for me.

As you have read -They both visit Punjab almost every year and more important is that they love doing so. I feel it's a great thing. Don't you?

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