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Well let's introduce this to all those out there who don't have an idea of it. But I'm not going to get into the details it's the job of the historians and I'm not of the category. The history provided below is enough to know the Sikhism from beginning till date.

Well before I start it's nice if you would know that

Sikhism is now the world's 5th largest religion with 26 million followers worldwide who have proved their mettle and are doing so.

Sikhism came into existence by the birth of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji in 1469 at Nankana Sahib (then called Rai bhoi ki talwandi). Today his life accounts are known from Janamsaakhi and supposed to be written by Bhai Bala a very close associate of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Guru's sister BAbe Nanki and Rai Bular ( a muslim) the landlord of the village recognized Guru Ji to be a messenger of God before the rest of the world could have done that. They are known as the first sikhs. Guru Ji worlded in the store house of Daulat Rai where he give the stuffin surplous and whena complaint was made against him and checking was made out, the store was making the biggest profit it had made ever.

He was married to Mata Sulakhna and got two sons but Guru didn't choose any of them as his successor. Instead he gave the duty to spread the message of love and peace to Bhai Lena whom he made Guru Angad, the second guru of Sikhs.

Guru Ji's teachings were mainly based on three aspects of life. He insisted upon-

-> Chanting the Lords' name (Naam Japna). He always told to follow one, whoever you are, but be a true disciple of the Great God who has created all. Whom he said is,

" One Supreme Being, The Eternal, The Creator, Without Fear, Without Enmity, Of timeless Form, Non incarnated, Self Existent, Realized by the Grace of the Guru."

-> Earning a living honestly without fraud and exploiting others. ( Kirt-karo). He himself worked in the fields, used to take buffaloes to the fileds, worked as a store keeper as stated above. He stressed upon the idea that God can be realized while living in teh world, by living the life of a normal human and doing all sorts of work but doing them honestly. He condemned the idea of liaving the world and living in forests and mountains, bearing unnecessary plysical pain in seaarch of God.

-> Share with others and help and give those who are in need. (Vand Chakho) Once his father gave Guru Ji 20 rupees and told him to do some deal with it. Guru Ji took those rupees and went away, in the way he found osme saints who were hungry, he got food wit those twenty rupees and gave it to the hungry saints.

To teach the principles of living a honest, dutiful and humane life he travelled a lot on foot, called four journeys (udhasis). These include, Kurukshetra, Haridwar, Joshi , Varanasi, Gaya, Patna, Dhubri and Gauhati in Assam, Dacca, Puri, Cuttock, Ramshwaram, Ceylon, Bidar, Baroach, Rawaslaar, Jawalaji, Spiti Valley, Tibet, Ladhak, Kargil, Amarnath, Srinagar and Baramula. Guru Nanak Sahib also paid visit to Muslim holy places. In this regard he went to Mecca, Medina, Baghdad via Multan, Peshawar, Sakhar, Son Miani, Hinglaj etc. Guru Sahib also visited Syra. Turkey and Tehran (the present capital of Iran). he went to Kabul, Kandhar and jalalabad. The real aim of the tour was awakening the people to realize the truth about God and to introduce Sikhism. He always spoke like an Awoken person, his utterings never seemed to be like of a scholar. He broke all barriers of caste system and encouraged women to come out of all sorts of restrictions. He termed women to be the 'next to God' the one who gives birth to saints, warriors, kings and scholars desrves high esteem and respect from everybody in the society.

He wrote 947 hyms which include every aspect of life. He even raised his voice against the Muslim Invader Babur who invaded India during his time. Babur's men slaughtered innocent civilians blindly and looted them. Guru ji said Babur ' a dog' on his face and wrote a hym against him, comparing his invasion ironically to a marriage party. This one is special beacause no where in the world, in any history one finds a saint, a religious preacher going to that extent and writing about such topics. He has even wrote the creation of universe, how it came to existence. He said 500 years back, there are hundreds of thousands of suns and earths, millions of moons. The universe is endless and ever expanding, created by an explosion ( the scientists have stated this theory now, terming it as Big Bang Theory). He taught the mankind a new way to live and live happly.

Guru Nanak getting a rakhi tied from his sister Bebe Nanki.

Top picture shows the Gurudwara Nankana Sahib.

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